We now live in a culture where building community is both physical and virtual.

Every church  has the opportunity to get the word out about what God is doing in and through them in a way that is done with clarity, regularity, and beauty. Modern communication now invites (expects, really) many ways of accomplishing this. Most churches have bulletins, newsletters, ministry brochures. But a tipping point of connection has occurred in our culture that now requires being active and engaged online through high functioning websites, thoughtful blogging communities, and integrated social media engagement (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest).



Providing an engaging information hub online that reaches people efficiently and effectively.


Provide branded brochures, newsletters, bulletin, handouts, and  mailings, that capture the ethos of your church.


Using video to highlight community, ministry departments, and testimonies.


Weekly connect people to the “going-ons” of church activities in a branded and timely manner.


Working with teaching pastors to design compelling screen presentations that aid sermons.



When we met with Daniel, we didn’t know what we needed—we just knew we had to do better with our communication. Daniel listened to our struggles, evaluated our strengths, and helped us identify our priorities. His experience with churches is extremely valuable. Within three weeks of Daniel starting, members started to notice a difference.

Ron Kool, Hillside Church
Sharing Stories

The youth director of Hillside Church contacted me and asked if together we could put together three different videos that highlighted the stories of Profession of Faith mentors and students that would run throughout a church service. In between the videos the students would go before the congregation and publicly profess their faith.

Together, the director and I planned out the video shoot, scheduled the interviews, grabbed our iPhones, and captured their stories.

I then took all the footage and edited it to tell the stories. Here is a sample of one of the three videos that were shown at the church service… which was very well received by the congregation.

Promoting Ministry Programs

This is one of my favorite shoots. It was all done to promote a ministry that was introducing a group of students that were going to experience 10 weeks together. There was a ton of natural energy from this group (that had just met each other) so I quickly picked up my iPhone and captured it.

While editing, I grabbed the photo’s from the fabulous photographer you see in the video and integrated those throughout the video. The video turned out great and created a ton of exposure for these students and the ministry.


Daniel has a good combination of artistic and technical skills. He not only has a great eye for how things look but also a great ear for how things sound. He is a person who delights in putting together a whole communication package which clearly delivers a message.

Frank Wevers, Calvary Church


Getting Exposure at a Worship Service

Highlighting various ministries is very important. So often these ministries don’t get the exposure they need because it’s getting harder and harder to have “air time” at a Sunday morning worship service.

A great solution for this challenge is to create videos that communicate well and quickly. Worship service planners are much more open to scheduling these kinds of videos.

Here is a video I created to promote small groups in the church. It was very well received and has been shown several different times in several different mediums.


Daniel is extremely creative. He is an innovative thinker who is able to see the bigger picture as well as think of unique concepts and ways of communicating information and ideas.  He is a gifted design artist and is gifted in the area of technology and is proficient in using the latest means of technological

Jolene DeHeer, OneFaithManyFaces.org

Daniel has an extraordinary ability to encourage others to use their gifts and helps them to be better than they think they can be.  His is remarkably humble and truly rejoices when he is able to help someone succeed. He enjoys bringing people together so they can learn from each other and build community.

Jolene DeHeer, OneFaithManyFaces.org


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