Helping a worthy cause get the recognition and support that it deserves and needs

I’m a big fan of non-profit organizations and the people that are behind them. Time and time again I have seen non-profit organizations emerge because a person like yourself sees a need that is not being met and creates a helpful and caring solution. Folks like you are passionate, focused, and driven to make the world a better place – it always inspires me!

Over the years, I have come to observe three primary areas that non-profits continually battle – increasing awareness of the great work they are doing, getting and keeping volunteers, and gaining financial support. Due to constrains of time, ability, and personnel you my find yourself lacking a vibrant online presence that can get you noticed and increase awareness so that volunteers engage and donations flow.

This is where I come in.

I will work with you (and your staff, if you have one) to design your website, print material, email lists, video promotion, and social media (facebook, twitter, pinterest, etc.) to be tightly integrated, highly professional, fully functional, and beautiful.