Helping the small guy (or gal) gain a big presence in a huge and competitive marketing world

Over the years, I have have seen small business owners struggle to keep pace with the fast and furious changes with marketing. So, if you are like most small business owners, you currently don’t have the time, ability, or personnel to execute all the modern marketing options out there in a regular, well-crafted, engaging way – which results in your business getting lost in the crowd of commerce.

As if that wasn’t challenging enough, in today’s economy, it’s likely you cannot afford to bring on an additional employee (with all the requirements that go along with that – like insurance, taxes, office space, equipment, software, etc.) to execute this modern marketing.

This is where I come into play.

I will work with you (and your staff, if you have one) to design your website, print material, email lists, and social media (facebook, twitter, pinterest, etc.) to be tightly integrated, highly professional, fully functional, and beautiful.