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Hello there. My name is Daniel Maat. I birthed mStudio out of a desire to help small business and non-profits create an engaging design presence in their target markets.

mStudio uses both traditional tools (e.g. print ads, newsletters, fliers, brochures, presentations, etc.) and the latest online presence (e.g. Website, social media, email campaigns, video, etc.) to help you get noticed. In addition, mStudio enjoys a growing collection of creative and experienced designers that ensures clients receive excellent tailored design services.

Essentially, mStudio is here to be the design department for our client’s communication and marketing needs. 


Daniel Maat

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we have a clear Focus


Helping the small business gain a big presence in a huge and competitive marketing world.

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Helping churches and other non-profits effectively communicate, promote, and get noticed for the mission they are on.

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Helping you create a one-time design project that needs to be done quickly and effectively.

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We Provide Comprehensive design work


Provide and maintain a high functioning and engaging website that reaches your target audiences.


Social Media

Provide ongoing training, support, and execution to create a vibrant social media presence.


Print Media

Provide branded brochures, newsletters, bulletins, handouts, and mailings, that capture your ethos.



Regularly connect your audience to the opportunities with your organization through regular and carefully crafted email campaigns.

Video/ presentations

Create promotional videos and high impact screen presentions


(We also offer marketing direction in our retainer relationships.)

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