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Hello! My name is Daniel. I'm so glad you came to this place. We here at mStudio find it a great honor to help the local church communicate well with one another and with the community around them.  One way we do that is to come along side the local Classis (a collection of churches generally in the same geographical area) and create vibrant communication pathways in which those churches can effectively communicate to one another AND the world around them. For several years now we have enjoyed partnering with Classis Grand Rapids South (of the Christian Reformed Church of North America) to expand their connections - and it has been going beautifully!

We would very much like to do the same for your Classis. Connect with Daniel to explore further how that can happen.

Trying to find or define an identity for a classis is tough. But with the help of mStudio we’ve been able to create multiple ways where we can connect—sharing stories and ideas, needs and opportunities. mStudio understands the Church and takes the time to understand our churches together. mStudio comes in with a servant heart.Rev.Ron Kool, Classis Grand Rapids South
mStudio has done a fabulous job of working with us and taking the appropriate initiative to keep us moving forward!Rev. David Struyk, Classis Grand Rapids South

We Provide Comprehensive marcom work


Provide and maintain a high functioning and engaging website that reaches your target audiences.


Social Media

Provide ongoing training, support, and execution to create a vibrant social media presence.


Print Media

Provide branded brochures, newsletters, bulletins, handouts, and mailings, that capture your ethos.


Video/ presentations

Create promotional videos and high impact screen presentions



We manage multiple email campaigns, Digital marketing, podcasts, text marketing, marcom consulting, and more.

(We also offer marketing direction in our retainer relationships.)

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