The Story


Evergreen Ministries is a local church located in Hudsonville, Michigan. They are a faith community that is committed to passionately following Jesus, showing love to those around them, and to helping the kingdom of God show up more and more in this world.


The Work


mStudio has come alongside of Evergreen Ministries for a while now and loves offering the development and maintenance of the website, Sermon topic design and presentation, social media outreach, eblast communications, ministry brochures, and video bumpers for Sunday morning and video promotions, and more.

When you get right down to it Evergreen Ministries is all about making passionate followers of Jesus. They are devoted to showing God’s love to their neighbors both here and around the world. They strive to live genuine lives before God, others, and the world around them.

Evergreen Ministries




Develop and maintain the Evergreen's website to offer timely communication to their church members while also offering a window to the community.

Print Material

Design various print pieces that are used to promote Evergreens ministries. Here is an example:

Digital Design

Creation of a variety of graphic designs for social media, website, presentations, banners and more. Here is an example:

the results


Evergreen Ministries

M Studio continues to partner with EGM with marcom efforts and is delighted to come alongside them in as they grow as faith community