I Still Love You

We were at one of our first gigs (Tripleroot in Holland, MI - a great place to go) and we got such a great reaction to this song that we decided to take what we digitally recorded that night and make a little something something.
Thank you SOOOO much to Josiah Maat and Sakou ______ for capturing and editing this video! Go follow them!

Jonathan's Mates

This is more than just some musicians thrown together. This little community has an unfolding story and we are eager to have you a part of it. Let's start with introducing Jonathan's mates:


Kari has been rocking the mic since the early 1990’s and there may or may not be a VHS tape floating around somewhere of her whole family singing 3 part harmony while wearing matching sweaters.


Bass, Moog
Daniel has been creating basslines for all kinds of bands in all kinds of situations. From small tiny places to huge stadium spaces - he's been on them all and loves every bit of it. It's about the music, about connection, and of course - keeping the low end groov'n.


Drums, Vocal
Brandon has been playing drums since a young age learning from the likes of the Beatles, Steppenwolf, Tom Petty, and other classic favorites. He believes that the best drummers are the ones that creatively support the narrative and emotions of what is being sung through the lyrics and storyline of a song. 


Meet Jon, our electric guitar player. With his Fender Strat and vintage Silverface amp as his canvas, there are no limits where his imagination cannot go. His playing is a work of art that you will want to witness live.

Press Kit

here you go. This will give all you booking agents what you need to know JCB will be a great option for your venuw.