We have come alongside a nonprofit organization called Vibrant Congregations that walks with congregations through a discernment process (Vibrancy Pathway) that includes conversation, prayer, discernment instruments, and more conversation. The end result of this process is the church discovering its best partner(s) to take fresh steps in ministry and mission.


“When I think of one word to describe our relationship with mStudio it is “partnership”. mStudio is not simply a wonderful and creative group there is a true sense of partnership with Vibrant’s work. Daniel shows a deep interest in our mission and in helping that mission be realized. As a small organization it is like having another thoughtful and idea creating person on our team. I am continually thankful for mStudio’s work, efforts, and creative investment in the mission of Vibrant Congregations.

Larry Doornbos
Director, Vibrant Congregations

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