Vibrant Congregations

Taking fresh steps in ministry and mission.

Vibrant Congregations comes alongside the local church to discern the best path to their God-given, hope-filled future.
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Church Leadership Center

Activating the saint in the seat!

The Luminex Group

Empowering Churches and their Leaders to Learn, Thrive, and Flourish.



Eliminating Weekend Hunger

This West Michigan nonprofit delivers hope to 1000s of hungry children by mobilizing schools, churches, an local business to provide nutritious food over the weekends.

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center for church renewal

Providing church leaders the tools and training necessary for increased Gospel impact

my utmost for his highest

The most beloved devotional of all time

Helping a worthy cause get the recognition and support that it deserves and needs.

Over the years, we have come to observe three primary areas that non-profits continually battle – increasing awareness of the great work they are doing, getting and keeping volunteers, and gaining financial support. Due to constrains of time, ability, and personnel you my find yourself lacking a vibrant presence that can get you noticed and increase awareness so that volunteers engage and donations flow.

We have years of experience in creating, crafting, and executing traditional and contemporary marcom campaigns for nonprofits just like you.

We are ready to come alongside you and get you noticed!