Built for thenonprofit

Helping a worthy cause get the recognition and support that it deserves and needs.

Over the years, we have come to observe three primary areas that non-profits continually battle – increasing awareness of the great work they are doing, getting and keeping volunteers, and gaining financial support. Due to constrains of time, ability, and personnel you my find yourself lacking a vibrant presence that can get you noticed and increase awareness so that volunteers engage and donations flow.

We want to come alongside you and get you noticed!

Built for the Local Church

Helping churches get the word out about what God is doing in and through them.

Every church  has the opportunity to get the word out about what God is doing in and through them in a way that is done with clarity, regularity, and beauty. Modern communication now invites (expects, really) many ways of accomplishing this. Most churches have bulletins, newsletters, ministry brochures. But a tipping point of connection has occurred in our culture that now requires being active and engaged through high functioning websites, videos, worship screen presentations, and integrated social media engagement (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).

Many local churches don’t have the time, ability, or personnel to do all this in a regular, well-crafted, and beautiful way.  This typically results in having to settle for sub-par communication and missing a great opportunity to effectively share what God is up to in your church. In addition, in today’s economy, many churches simply cannot afford to bring on another staff member and all the requirements that go along with employment (i.e. insurance, taxes, office space, equipment, software, etc.).

This is where we come into play.

We have years of experience in creating, crafting, and executing traditional and contemporary communication needs for nonprofits and churches.

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We Provide Comprehensive design work


Provide and maintain a high functioning and engaging website that reaches your target audiences.


Social Media

Provide ongoing training, support, and execution to create a vibrant social media presence.


Print Media

Provide branded brochures, newsletters, bulletins, handouts, and mailings, that capture your ethos.



Regularly connect your audience to the opportunities with your organization through regular and carefully crafted email campaigns.

Video/ presentations

Create promotional videos and high impact screen presentions


(We also offer marketing direction in our retainer relationships.)

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